Built By Humans
Used Primarily By Any
Cost 1,100 gp
Tonnage 1 ton
Hull Points 1
Crew (Min/Max) 1/1 (total weapon crew: 1)
Man-Days of Fresh Air 120
Maneuver Class A
Landing - Land Yes
Landing - Water Yes
Armour Rating 6
Saves As Thick wood
Power Type Boat helm, furnace, or boiler helm
Ship's Rating 2 (furnace), 1 (boiler helm), or as per helmsman
Standard Armament 1 Light Ballista (crew: 1)
Cargo 1/4 ton
Keel Length 30'
Beam Length 15'
Source SJR1 Lost Ships

The Wreckboat is a spelljamming ship built by humans and used by many spacefaring races.


The Wreckboat is a simple craft designed to be carried by another craft, and to serve as an escape vessel if that craft is wrecked (hence the name). Wreckboats are easily handled by a single spelljammer, and are usually used as a shuttle or captain's gig on a day-to-day basis, while retaining the original purpose in case of an emergency.


Wreckboats typically have no crew of their own, instead being used as needed by the crew of their parent vessels. In an emergency, as many as nine M-sized beings can be crammed aboard - twelve if the ballista and ammunition are left behind. This is only recommended for very short trips, however, since it is highly crowded, and dangerously strains the air envelope.

Ship UsesEdit

Lifeboat: The intended use of a Wreckboat is as a lifeboat. The ballista is often set up so that it can be quickly thrown overboard along with its ammunition in case of an emergency. Wreckboats which are only used as lifeboats, and which never (or rarely) see use as a gig, will typically be equipped with either a furnace or a boiler helm, along with enough magical fuel to power the helm for at least a week. This ensures that crew can escape even if no spellcasters are left alive. Wreckboats used in this manner are almost always protected with a Retain Air Envelope spell to keep their air clear of any disasters which may befall the mother ship.

Gig: Most Wreckboats are primarily used as ship's boats, allowing the mother ship to pick up and drop off crew and passengers on worlds in an inconspicuous manner. Wreckboats are often used as gigs by ships which are unable to land.

Other ConfigurationsEdit

No other configurations of this basic ship have become popular.