Wikia have just contacted me to let me know that they have added a couple of new features to Spelljammer Wiki.

The first is the blog that you are reading now.

All Spelljammer Wiki editors now have their own blog. But the funky thing about the blogs here is that there will apparantly also be a way to view the blogs of everyone as one uber-blog. So this could be a very good way for all Spelljammer webmasters, and fans to pass Spelljammer related information on to each other. This could actually have a lot of potential, and it might be worth SJ fans setting up a user account here, even if they do not want to help improve the articles on the wiki itself.

The second feature is a user masthead. This is a bit less exciting, but it has options to instantly jump between a someone's User Page, Talk Page, Blog, Contributions, Watchlist, Widget Dashboard and Preferences. I've got a feeling that half of those will take you to your own personal settings, but if you are a fan or a specific editor, it would be good to be able to jump to their User Page and then click on Contributions to see what other articles they have improved.

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