The new look for users who are non-logged in wikis hosted on Wikia is ugly, to say the least. The focus on getting people to look at other Wikia wikis is getting so intrusive that it is eating up valuable screen space that is needed for local content.

And adverts are getting so intrusive that Wikia have started to embed video adverts that automatically download their content. While that might not affect SJ wiki viewers with unlimited bandwidth, it certainly is going to eat into the allowance of those of us that are on pay per GB connections.

Even things like outbound links (to Beyond the Moons, Dragonlance Lexicon, The Great Library of Greyhawk and similar useful resources) are being hijacked by a page that displays an advert and makes users click twice to see the stuff that I want them to be able to read.

Spelljammer Wiki has gone from its original look - rather similar to Wikipedia, but with a lot less content - to an over busy mess that fights against the internal content.

Two of the other RPG wikis that I really respect and admire at have jumped ship, and it is time to decide if Spelljammer Wiki should be doing the same.

I'm not sure if there would be a cost to moving, but it seems that the cost for staying is that this wiki will become increasingly harder to use.

I think this is a great shame, as Wikia staff have been very helpful to me in the past. But now the help they provide is starting to be massively outweighed by the problems that Wikia is causing me.

I'll have to review what options are out there.

David Shepheard
Administrator: Spelljammer Wiki

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