We have another new feature at Spelljammer Wiki: the ability for people to make their own Spelljammer magazines.

The feature acts like a wizard. Once you activate it you will see a bar at the top of the screen. Simply navigate to the articles you are interested in and add them to the magazine. Once you have all the ones you want, you can move on to design the front cover and then publish the magazine.

Having investigated the feature, I do have one warning about it. The wizard lets you start the process when you are not loogged in, but you do need to be logged in to be able to actually save or publish your magazine. Accounts on this wiki are totally free (and will also allow you to edit on other Wikia wikis) but if you don't want to create an account then this feature is not for you.

I did a test run (which I didn't actually publish) with the pages about the Spelljammer boxed sets. There are some templates on the articles that are a bit repetitive. But as a free feature, I can see this being really useful to people who don't have a better tool.

I can see this feature being useful to GMs who want to create a primer to inform their players about a specific crystal sphere or specific parts of the SJ universe. But I'm sure it will have more applications.

We still have plenty of gaps in our content, but if you see 90 percent of the content you need to make yourself a small netbook, perhaps you could help us research and create the 10 percent that you need.

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