If you have an account here, you will probably notice that you now have an information box at the top of your page showing that it is a user page.

This is all part of the process of flagging up all 'out of character' pages. A while ago, I imported a template from Forgotten Realms Wiki (called 'ambox') and I will be using ambox to create a set of matching boxes that can be placed on the top of other out of character information (like articles about Spelljammer artists).

Template:Userpage looks a bit fiddly, but it has been set up, so that if anyone downloads an entire copy of Spelljammer Wiki your user page will have a box that points back to this website. There is also a warning that you might not have given specific permission for your user page to be reused. I don't think it is too likely that someone will clone Spelljammer Wiki, but this has been put in place as a just in case measure.

I love putting in articles about in character stuff, as this project was started to wikify the canon of SJ, but these behind the scenes things help pull the website together. David Shepheard 16:04, October 12, 2009 (UTC)

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