Thorn Ship
Built By Thri-kreen
Used Primarily By Thri-kreen
Cost 3,100 gp (includes cost of built-in greek fire projector)
Tonnage 1 ton
Hull Points 1
Crew (Min/Max) 1/1 (total weapon crew: 4)
Man-Days of Fresh Air 120
Maneuver Class B
Landing - Land Yes
Landing - Water Yes
Armour Rating 7
Saves As Ceramic
Power Type Crystal throne
Ship's Rating 3
Standard Armament 1 Light Ballista (crew: 1)

1 Greek Fire Projector (crew: 3)

Cargo 1/8 ton
Keel Length 50'
Beam Length 10'
Source SJA2 Skull & Crossbows

The Thorn Ship is a spelljamming ship built and used by thri-kreen.


The thri-kreen Thorn-ship is a light combat craft intended to serve as a screening vessel for the larger Leaf-ship. Each Leaf-ship always carries 4 Thorn-ships, unless it has lost one or more in combat. Like the Leaf-ship, the Thorn-ship is grown from living crystal, and is constructed with an integral spelljamming device known as a crystal throne. This crystal throne functions as the crystal throne of the Leaf-ship in all respects, aside from the different SR that it provides.

The tiny Thorn-ship is little more than a powered platform for its weaponry, which is significantly more than could normally be mounted on such a small ship. This heavy firepower is achieved by building the greek fire projector into the very hull of the craft as it is grown. Even so, the Thorn-ship cannot properly support all of its weaponry, and is very limited in the amount of ammunition it can carry. Typically a Thorn-ship will carry a standard amount of ammunition for the ballista, but only a single charge of greek fire. In part this is because a Thorn-ship will typically not carry enough crew to operate the greek fire projector at peak efficiency anyway, so it is generally used as a single-shot weapon. In some cases, however, the situation will be reversed, and the Thorn-ship will carry only a single ballista bolt, but up to 10 charges of greek fire. This is usually only done when the ship will be used as a suicide weapon.


A Thorn-ship will typically be crewed by 3 thri-kreen. One of these sits on the crystal throne and serves as the pilot, one mans the light ballista, and the third mans the greek fire projector. Since the Thorn-ship is usually only used for short-range support and screening of Leaf-ships, this overloading of the vessel's air envelope is not seen as a problem.

Ship UsesEdit

Screening Vessel: It is virtually unheard of for a Thorn-ship to be used as anything other than a screening vessel for its parent Leaf-ship. In this role, the Thorn-ship provides combat support for the Leaf-ship as needed, and generally serves to protect the Leaf-ship. In some cases this may include short-range scouting and courier missions to keep the Leaf-ship from being put at risk. These short-range missions are always performed within visual distance of the Leaf-ship so that the parent vessel will be aware of any misfortunes which may befall the Thorn-ship, and act appropriately. Sometimes Thorn-ships will be used to crash into enemy vessels while carrying quantities of greek fire. This is only done in cases when the parent Leaf-ship is unlikely to survive the combat otherwise.

Other ConfigurationsEdit

Thri-kreen modify their vessels only under extreme circumstances, and as a result there are no other significant configurations for the Thorn-ship.


  • Spelljammer reference: SJA2 9286XXX1401
  • TSR reference: TSR 9286
  • ISBN: 0-88038-845-5