"O, blazing radiance, bless us, mighty fire in the sky" - Krynnish sun-worshiper

Krynn's sun is a very ordinary one, a huge ball of elemental fire (possibly with a core of positive energy) at the center of Krynnspace. There is absolutely nothing unusual about it, as far as anyone knows.

Unlike other planets and moons in Krynnspace, the sun is not known in legends to be a home of any divine figure. Some sun-worshiping cults exist on Krynn and possibly in other places in the crystal shell; however, most or all of these are druids who worship the sun as a force of nature unto itself.

Krynn's sun provides a strong, steady source of heat and light throughout the crystal shell. The heat and light vary with distance, of course, but only to the degree that one might expect.

The exception is the Krynn wildspace. Krynnspace is very cold (16° F.), and it contains the feared clouds of freezing vapor. These hail storms move at high speed and can damage ships.

Those that can get close enough without burning up have spotted the occasional sun dragon on Krynn's sun.

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