The Stellar Islands are the seventh celestial body orbiting The Sun in the crystal sphere called Krynnspace.[1] They are a cluster of asteroids. There are many asteroids in the cluster, but five of them are larger than all of the others and are inhabited. It is the five inhabited asteroids that people refer to as islands. They are all between 100 and 400 miles across and are connected by glowing ribbon walkways. The inhabitants of the Stellar Islands sometimes refer to them as the hand of goodness, with the largest of the five asteroids being 'the thumb' and the other four being 'the fingers'.[2]

Celestial Bodies of Krynnspace
The Sun (Primary) | Sirrion | Reorx | Krynn | Chislev | Zivilyn | Nehzmyth (or Shinare) | Stellar Islands
Additional Astronomicals of Krynnspace
Clouds of Freezing Vapor | The Black Clouds
Constellations of Krynnspace
Branchala | Chemosh | Gilean | Habbakuk | Hiddukel | Kiri-Jolith | Majere | Mishakal | Morgion | Paladine | Sargonnas | Takhisis | Zeboim


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