Spacesea Giant Galleon
Built By Spacesea giants
Used Primarily By Spacesea giants
Cost 246,000 gp
Tonnage 60 tons
Hull Points 180
Crew (Min/Max) 22/60 (total weapon crew: 12)
Man-Days of Fresh Air 7,200
Maneuver Class E
Landing - Land No
Landing - Water Yes
Armour Rating 3
Saves As Stone
Power Type Major helm
Ship's Rating As per helmsman
Standard Armament 3 Heavy Ballistas (crew: 4)
Cargo 30 tons
Keel Length 200'
Beam Length 50'
Source MC7 Monstrous Compendium Spelljammer Appendix

The Spacesea Giant Galleon is a spelljamming ship built and used by spacesea giants.


The Spacesea Giant Galleon is a large stone vessel with a virtually identical profile to the smaller groundling Galleon. Despite its appearance, the Spacesea Giant Galleon is designed for space travel rather than sea travel, and as a result its performance in space is comparable to that of a standard Galleon despite its larger size and stone construction. It is unknown why spacesea giants chose to model their vessels after a Galleon, but their choice of building material clearly stems from the fact that, like their groundling stone giant ancestors, spacesea giants feel more comfortable with a large mass of stone beneath their feet.


The crew sizes given above reflect a crew of human-sized beings. Spacesea giants, however, are large enough that each can do the work of 2 human crew members, with the result that as few as 11 spacesea giants can handle this ship at full capacity. Likewise, each heavy ballista can be operated by a pair of spacesea giants rather than a crew of four. Unfortunately, a spacesea giant consumes as much air as 3 humans. As a result, the typical crew size for a Spacesea Giant Galleon will be 16-20 spacesea giants. Each ship will typically carry 2 giant elders with stone-related spell-like abilities (see Monstrous Compendium for details), and these elders are capable of using their abilities, along with handy stone boulders, to repair the Galleon, even during combat. At least one of these elders (and possibly both) will be an actual spellcaster in addition to having spell-like abilities, and will serve as a helmsman. Whichever elder is not the spelljammer (or chief spelljammer) will typically serve as the captain. In combat, any spacesea giants not currently occupied with operating the ship or manning the ballistas will hurl boulders for 3d10 hp or 1d3 HP of damage.

Ship UsesEdit

Explorer: A large number of Spacesea Giant Galleons spend most of their time exploring the far reaches of space in order to see the glory of the universe that they believe their god Ptah created. Many of these vessels hire themselves out to different groups who want specific areas explored, while others simply explore wherever they please (and then sell the charts that they make along the way to anyone interested).

Trader: The Spacesea Giant Galleon makes a good trade vessel, since it is capable of carrying a significant amount of cargo, and it is durable enough, and with a powerful enough crew that any pirate would think twice before daring to attack it.

Other ConfigurationsEdit

Spacesea giants do not tend to perform many modifications of their craft.