Space Leviathan
Built By Unknown
Used Primarily By Unknown
Cost N/A (cannot be built or purchased)
Tonnage 400 tons
Hull Points 800
Crew (Min/Max)  ?/400 (total weapon crew: 49)
Man-Days of Fresh Air 48,000
Maneuver Class F
Landing - Land No
Landing - Water No
Armour Rating 3
Saves As Metal
Power Type Unknown
Ship's Rating Unknown
Standard Armament Blunt Ram

8 Heavy Catapults (crew: 5)
3 Bombards (crew: 3)

Cargo 290 tons
Keel Length 306'
Beam Length 96'
Source SJR1 Lost Ships

The Space Leviathan is a spelljamming ship built and used by an unknown race.


Only a handful of badly-damaged derelict wrecks represent this type of spaceship. Extremely old and extremely large, these metal hulks of strange grandeur drift in widely-separated areas of known space. The arcane refuse to say anything about Space Leviathans when asked, even when offered money, and it is believed that the ships predate the ancient empires of the thri-kreen and the ogre magi. These ships are large enough to serve as bases or even as hiding-places for conventional ships. Aside from the ram, which is built in, the armament listed above is the typical weaponry which will be found aboard a Space Leviathan which is serving as a base for modern interlopers.

The metal which forms the hull of Space Leviathans is of an unknown type which is not easily worked, and which crumbles with age. As a result, Space Leviathans are useless as sources of salvage, although dwarves often obtain small samples for experiments. Strangely enough, all known Space Leviathans seems to have been somehow formed out of a single piece of metal; there are no seams or joins except where hatches, viewing ports, and obviously-damaged breaks are found.


Not enough is left of the interiors of any Space Leviathans to speculate what sort of creatures built them, other than the fact that they were obviously skilled at working metal. Some human sages believe that the size of the wrecks indicates that their crews must have been of giant size, but there is no proof of this.

Ship UsesEdit

Unknown: The original use of Space Leviathans is unknown.

Base: Several Space Leviathans have been laboriously moved into position to serve as bases by humans, and other spacefaring races. These ships are typically armed as above, and serve as immobile bases for a variety of purposes, from defense to trade. Some pirates have been known to use these ships as bases, repair areas, and simply as hiding-places.

Other ConfigurationsEdit

No other configurations of Space Leviathans have been found.