Built By Zalani
Used Primarily By Vodoni, humans
Cost 10,000 gp
Tonnage 5 tons
Hull Points 5
Crew (Min/Max) 1/5 (total weapon crew: 4)
Man-Days of Fresh Air 600
Maneuver Class B
Landing - Land Yes
Landing - Water Yes
Armour Rating 8
Saves As Ceramic
Power Type Major helm, minor helm, or boat helm
Ship's Rating As helmsman
Standard Armament 2 light catapults (crew: 1)

1 light jettison (crew: 2)

Cargo 1 ton
Keel Length 50'
Beam Length 20' (wingspan: 80')
Source SJA4 Under The Dark Fist

The Nightwolf (or Vodoni Scout) is a spelljamming ship built by the Zalani and used by the Vodoni and humans.


The light scouting vessel of the Vodoni, the Nightwolf was the first of the Vodoni ships to be encountered in the known spheres. Appearing as a winged wolf in flight, the Nightwolf is usually painted blue or black, to make it more difficult to spot. The light, maneuverable Nightwolf is intended to flee from all but the weakest of foes, and is equipped with light weaponry which is designed to discourage pursuit. While many Nightwolves were captured during the fall of the Vodoni empire, many more of the fragile craft were simply destroyed in battle.


The standard Vodoni crew of a Nightwolf consisted of a single low-level breeder serving as the spelljammer and captain, along with 4 enforcers who served as bodyguards and weaponeers. Human crews will usually also consist of a single spelljammer and 4 weaponeers.

Ship UsesEdit

Military Scout: Most Nightwolves served the Vodoni as scouts, searching for new worlds to conquer and gathering information on enemy armed forces. The Nightwolf is well suited to this task, and since the fall of the Vodoni empire, most captured Nightwolves have been used by humans in the same manner.

Messenger: Nightwolves were also frequently used by the Vodoni to coordinate fleet movements, and otherwise carry messages and orders from one end of the empire to another. Few Nightwolves now serve as messengers, however, since those that remain in Vodoni hands are now without an organization to carry messages for, and those that have fallen into human hands have typically been given over to other purposes.

Smuggler: Most Nightwolves which are still operated by Vodoni have become smuggling vessels in order to survive. The crews of these ships will hire themselves out to anyone who is willing to deal with them, and usually find themselves transporting small stolen goods, often jewelry or magical items.

Other ConfigurationsEdit

Courier: The Vodoni employed a small number of Nightwolves as fast couriers of light goods for their fleets. These ships sacrificed their two catapults, and moved the jettison to the top deck to gain an additional 2 tons of cargo capacity. Couriers were also topped out with a small mast for a lateen sail, increasing the minimum crew to 2, and giving the craft MC A. These Couriers were most often used to carry the specialized ammunition used by Hunter-Killers.


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  • ISBN: 1-56076-131-8