Built By Humans of Wa
Used Primarily By Humans of Wa
Cost 500 gp
Tonnage 3/4 ton
Hull Points 1
Crew (Min/Max) 1/1 (total weapon crew: 1)
Man-Days of Fresh Air 90
Maneuver Class A
Landing - Land Yes
Landing - Water Yes
Armour Rating 4
Saves As Thin wood
Power Type Rudder of propulsion
Ship's Rating 6
Standard Armament 1 Light Ballista (crew: 1)

OR 1 Light Catapult (crew: 1)

Cargo 1/4 ton (typically used for ammunition, or greek fire)
Keel Length 14'
Beam Length 4'
Source SJR2 Realmspace

The Locust is a spelljamming ship built and used by the humans of Wa.


These ships look like locusts made of balsa wood. They are very light and maneuverable, but easily destroyed. The small craft has enough room for its two crew members, as well as either a single passenger, or 1/4 ton of cargo. Any overloading beyond this will stress the light vessel's frame too much, and it will break up. Likewise, the light frame means that any hit will usually completely destroy a Locust (even a well-placed hit from a sheaf arrow can cause sufficient damage for the Locust to snap in half), but because the ship is so fast and maneuverable, it can be very difficult to hit. The single weapon uses the legs and antennae as supports. On a natural attack roll of 1, the weapon breaks off the ship, splintering the Locust in half. This usually kills the crew. Locusts are never equipped with spelljamming helms, not even boat helms, and instead are powered by Rudders of Propulsion which allow the craft to achieve high tactical speeds, but which are not capable of spelljamming velocities.


The helmsman of a Locust sits in the aft, manning the Rudder of Propulsion, while the gunner sits in the front. The cargo, typically ballista shot or rocks for the catapult, lies in the midsection. If a passenger is carried this ammunition must be removed, and the weapon can carry only a single shot. If a Locust is carrying greek fire in place of ammunition, there will only be a single pilot on board.

Ship UsesEdit

Fighter: These craft are carried in large numbers by the huge Tsunamis that Wa operates. When the Tsunami crew sights and enemy, waves of Locusts are unleashed to weaken, or even completely destroy the ship, while the Tsunami lies back, lobbing its own attacks from a safe distance.

Kamikaze: In particularly important battles, many Locusts may be loaded with greek fire. These ships, piloted by a single volunteer, simply crash into enemy vessels, exploding on impact. This attack causes 3d4 HP of damage to the ship struck, as well as 6d10 hp of damage to all within a 20' radius. This damage is partly because of the actual fiery explosion, but also partly because the Locust's construction means that when it explodes long sharp splinters of wood fly in all directions at dangerous velocities.

Other ConfigurationsEdit

The tiny Locust is very ill-suited to modifications, since its light frame cannot stand up to such work.


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  • ISBN: 1-56076-052-4