Crystal Ship
Built By Humans - Antilans
Used Primarily By Humans - Antilans
Cost 91,000 gp
Tonnage 35 tons
Hull Points 35
Crew (Min/Max) 11/35 (total weapons crew: 12)
Man-Days of Fresh Air 4,200
Maneuver Class C/E
Landing - Land No
Landing - Water Yes
Armour Rating 1
Saves As Crystal
Power Type Major or minor helm, augmented by sunsails
Ship's Rating As per helmsman (+3 if sunsails deployed)
Standard Armament 1 Heavy Ballista (crew: 4)

2 Medium Ballistas (crew: 2)
4 Light Ballistas (crew: 1)

Cargo 20 tons
Keel Length 100'
Beam Length 85'
Source Astromundi Cluster, The

The Crystal Ship is a spelljamming ship built and used by humans.


One of the most feared vessels in the Astromundi Cluster, the Crystal Ship is unknown outside that sphere. Within Clusterspace, the distinctive Crystal Ship is known and despised by all free races. The ship's main body looks very much like a bisected egg, round side down. The deck is open, but angularly-curving spines rise from the craft's sides like great ribs. Some of these spines serve as mounts for light ballista platforms, while others are used to support the sunsails that make the Crystal Ship so formidable. The whole vessel is built from incredibly strong translucent crystal which reflects light in dazzling shards of rainbow illumination. Anyone attacking a Crystal Ship when it is in full sunlight suffers a -1 attack modifier.

The magical sunsails that are standard equipment on every Crystal Ship can only be used when the vessel is in full direct sunlight, and only the sun of the Astromundi Cluster provides the proper energy. When the sunsails are used, they increase the Crystal Ship's SR by a full 3 points, making it one of the fastest ships in the Cluster. Unfortunately, with the sunsails deployed, the ship is much less maneuverable, making the decision to use them a difficult one for the Crystal Ship's captain.


Often carrying as many as 70 heavily armed men, Crystal Ships are incredibly dangerous to attack, not in the least because every officer on board will be an experienced sun mage. Typically a Crystal Ship will carry 10 officers, while the rest of the crew will be veteran warriors.

Ship UsesEdit

Warship: Crystal Ships are weapons of war, and serve little other purpose. They are never used as trading vessels, as the Antilans prefer to hire out such menial tasks to "lesser" races. Although well-armed in conventional terms, the true danger of the Crystal Ship comes from the magical skills of the sun mages who operate it, with the result that Crystal Ships rarely suffer defeats.

Other ConfigurationsEdit

Additional Weaponry: It is common for Crystal Ships to carry additional weaponry, frequently as much as 10 tons worth, which will sometimes include a grappling ram. It should be noted that the Antilans shun technology, and will only use ballistas, catapults, and jettisons on their vessels.


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