The LaM category is a category for pages in this wiki that include material about the Legends and More book from The Legend of Spelljammer boxed set.

The CaS category should be attached to articles connected to Captains and Ships. Articles that are also connected to Legends and More can also have the LaM category attached to them and articles that are also connecte to The Grand Tour can also have the TGT category attached to them. Articles that are connected to the entire The Legend of Spelljammer boxed set, can have the TLoS category attached to them.

Please refer to The Legend of Spelljammer article if you are unsure if a source is connected to the Legends and More, The Grand Tour, Captains and Ships or the entire The Legend of Spelljammer boxed set.

Pages in category "CaS"

The following 3 pages are in this category, out of 3 total.

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